8th IP Collegium meeting was held

JIPII held the 8th IP Collegium Meeting (online) in March 2 (Thu), 2023.

Usually, we held the meeting at home and abroad, but following from last year and the year before, we have held the online meeting again, due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The meeting was held from 14:00 (JST), and 30 members from 12 countries attended.

The theme was “Support for Universities and SMEs”, and 9 speakers from 7 countries gave presentations. The presentations covered a wide range of topics, from information on national policies to information from the perspective of universities and companies. In addition, we have decided to information on national policies in the members’ countries that the presentation was not given in this time. We plan to compile and share such information for the benefit of other countries.

The program and presentation data are able to find the following page;
Online Meeting of IP Collegium

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