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E-book on Trademark Systems and Case Studies in 16 Countries

JIPII has established the community called IP Collegium with overseas IP experts, and made effective effort such IP network, and are making effective use of IP human resources network.
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In this time, IP Collegium has made the e-book on “Trademarks ~Legal Systems and Case Studies in 16 Countries~” in order to share the information on the basic items and its practice of Trademark systems.
This e-book includes the main trademark systems and interesting case studies (Registrability issue, Infringement and Bad faith application, etc.) in the following 16 countries. The authors are mainly IP collegium members including lawyers and university professors, etc.
We have also issued its Japanese version.
Please read on. We are considering holding seminars and other events, if there are many requests.

The style of this e-book is EPUB. Please use any e-book reading application for EPUB, like Thorium Reader, Apple Books, etc.Please click on the book image below to download the EPUB file.
*Please read it in PDF format here, if you are not able to open EPUB file.
*Japanese Version (PDF Format)

Trademarks ~Legal Systems and Case Studies in 16 Countries~
[May 2022 Edition]

*16 Countries (alphabetical order)
    1. Brazil
    2. Cambodia
    3. China
    4. Colombia
    5. Egypt
    6. India
    7. Indonesia
    8. Japan
    9. Kenya
    10. Korea
    11. Malaysia
    12. Myanmar
    13. Philippines
    14. Singapore
    15. Thailand
    16. Vietnam

*Information of Trademark System
    1. Administrative organization for Trademark
    2. Trademark Law/Act
    3. Registable Trademark
    4. Madrid Protocol
    5. Local Agent
    6. Required documents for filing
    7. Language for filing
    8. Classification
    9. Multiple Classes
    10. Fee Reduction
    11. Publication of Unexamined Applications
    12. Request for Examination
    13. Substantive Examination
    14. Accelerated Examination
    15. Opposition
    16. Trial for Invalidation
    17. Appeal
    18. Initial Term of a Registration
    19. Term for Renewal
    20. Proof of Use
    21. Cancellation for Non-use
    22. E-filing

*Topics for case studies
 +One or two cases including any topic below per country.
    1) Registrability issue (Absolute Ground)
    2) Registrability issue (Relative Ground)
    3) Cancelation trials based on non-use
    4) Infringement against registered mark
    5) Bad faith application
    6) Sanction and remedies
    7) Internet and trademark

    Quick Reference Matrix


*Trademark System

*Case Study

*Quick Reference Matrix

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