IP Collegium online meeting was held

JIPII held the Online Meeting of IP Collegium in March 10 (Thu), 2022.

Usually, we held the meeting at home and abroad, but following from last year, we have held the Online Meeting, due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The meeting was held from 14:00 (JST), and 30 members from 14 countries attended. Firstly, the General Assembly was held and the change of president of IP collegium was approved there, following the change of the JIPII’s chairperson. Mr. Yoshiyuki Iwai was newly appointed as the IP Collegium's president.

The theme was “New Exploitation Strategy of IP in the Post Covid-19 Era”, and 8 speakers from 7 countries gave presentations. The presentations, including IP monopoly issues related in vaccine, compulsory licenses, IP for startups, technical transfer, and patent filing strategy, are wide-ranging under the theme, and the discussions were lively.
At the last of program, the secretary general, Mr. Takao Ogiya, reported the preparation of E-book on Trademark system with case study in 16 countries has been proceeded and will be completed soon.

*“IP Collegium” was registered as Trademark in Japan on August 31, 2019. (Registration No. 6176287)

The program and presentation data are able to find the following page;
Online Meeting of IP Collegium

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