IP Collegium meeting and seminar with IPOPHL
were held in the Philippines

JIPII held the Meeting of IP Collegium in March 6 (Wed), and also held the seminar with Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in March 7 (Thu), 2019.

In the morning of March 6, IP Collegium members visited at IPOPHL for the courtesy call on Director General, Atty. Josephine Rima-Santiago. We are very glad that we could receive a hearty welcome from many executive officials of IPOPHL.

After the courtesy call
After the courtesy call

In the afternoon of March 6, 26 people from 12 countries attended the meeting. Several participants gave the presentation of the case of each country according to the theme “Regional Development and IP”, and exchanged the opinions through discussion.

Meeting in March 6
Meeting in March 6

The seminar with IPOPHL was held in March 7. The theme was also “Regional Development and IP”, same as the meeting, and about 70 participants joined from the field of IP such as IPOPHL, Law firms and Universities including the members of meeting in the previous day.
After the opening addresses from Deputy Director General of IPOPHL, Atty. Teodoro Pascua, and Vice Chairman of JIPII, Mr. Makoto Nakajima, 6 members of IP Collegium gave the presentations about the example of each country. At last, all speakers attended the panel discussion, and had Q&A with the participants.

Seminar in March 7
Seminar in March 7

We expect that our relationship is stronger and extend further through holding this seminar.

Now, we are trying to establish a statute for IP Collegium in order to make the basement of the organization for expanding the future activity, in accordance with the change the organization name. We plan to complete this statute by next event.

You can read the presentations of speakers by clicking the title of lecture in the following pages;
IP Collegium Meeting in March 6(Wed)
Seminar with IPOPHL in March 7(Thu)

*IP Collegium:http://www.jiii.or.jp/ip-collegium/index_e.html

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